Today I want to talk about selfies

Today I want to talk about selfies


Yes, selfies. I must say I don´t consider myself to be very photogenic (not to say not at all), so let me start by telling you that I might be a bit biased. But I surely cannot be the only person who feels this way. Nope. We are a collective, quite big I imagine, yet hugely unseen because we don’t get photos taken.

I take them every now and then and I obviously lack practice and technique. Perhaps if I had both I would take more (yes, I see the irony). But the ones I do take usually stay in my phone until I decide it’s time to clean the gallery and they all go. Two days ago I felt sure, fashionable and powerful with some electric blue retro trousers at the office and I took a selfie (various) at the office’s public restroom. My hair was big, crazy and curly on its own terms, and I was owning it. So there it is, the selfie. Proof #1


And it took me quite a significant internal debate on whether to post it or not. I don’t consider myself to be the ‘type of girl’ who posts selfies, #ootd selfies, mirror selfies or bathroom selfies. This one was all of the above. The problem wasn’t the picture itself – after all there was nothing embarrassing on the background and, although clearly not the most stylish picture ever taken, I like how I look on it. The problem was that I did not want to be ‘that girl’ who posts annoying selfies all the time. Turn the camera around! Look at world and stop being so self-centered!

I did’t want to post the picture because of what others- and I myself- would think of me. Because it was’t entirely within the lines of the image of myself I want to portray. Because I didn’t think it was ‘something that I do’. I mean, but I had taken the picture on the first place right? Oh, the irony…

So I posted it because f***k it. I wasn’t going to let anyone, not even myself make me feel ashamed of wanting to show my friends (and a few random strangers who ended up liking my photo and giving me a mood boost – thanks!) what a freaking good taste in fashion I have and how confident I felt that day about it.

The question remains, why are we such censors to ourselves?

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