How I watch content: media diary

There are so many articles and research about ‘how Millennials watch content’, so I’m not going to write another one myself. I love to watch content. A lot. I don’t watch so much now that I am living with my boyfriend – I know understand how gamers’ hours go down when they get in a relationship. I have a Netflix account and pay TV. I have never had pay TV before, and quite honestly I can’t see the fuss about having hundreds of channels. It’s not needed at all; there, I said it.

Content is a hot term in the industry. I think TV is embracing more and more tailored digital content (short-form, gifs, VR) and everyone wants a piece of the cake. Sure enough, it’s a tasty cake. And some channels do a freaking good job at it. For me, for the purposes of this post, content is everything I can find online or on TV: text, images, videos.

I also want to reflect on how it influences my life. How often do I talk about content I have seen? What content/medium sinks in better? How does it shape my perception of the world?

Treating the usual weekday as a baseline, this is my media diary:

7.30: Wake up and check notifications on my phone. Mostly private conversations that were left on hold to visit Morpheus, but also likes and comments on publication I have made on Facebook or Instagram.

8.00: While eating breakfast, I check the news on two different apps: one for international news and UK news, and one for Spanish news. (They both make me almost equally sad lately) If I find something I deem worth sharing I will tell my boyfriend, who is eating on the opposite side of the table, doing the same. We are not morning people, don’t talk to me before food. Or during food.

9.00: At work, while I catch up on emails I will open Facebook and LinkedIn, to get my dose of news feed. This is usually less depressing than the morning news. If I am not busy I might even check the photos of that holiday you took to a warm place while I was stuck in the rain cycling back home. Lovely. Sarcasm aside, this is my ‘check on my friends’ moment, the same I checked on the world before. It reassures me that they are all alive and more or less well without having to talk to them that often, very convenient.

Lately, I get to read very terrifying things in the morning. The-end-is-nigh sorta things. I don’t usually talk about this with people, I find it so depressing. So instead we talk about the silver lining: the demonstrations and how many people feel like we do; how much money is being donated to organisations not bound by governments that can make a real change; that a funny tweet about Trump… At least I have like minded, and not so like minded yet still respectful and decent human beings, as friends. Thanks guys, you da real MVP.

I am also interested in certain topics, which I keep a more keen eye on. Feminism, human rights, book news, filmography, music, travel, and food; I think that sums it up pretty well!

10-13.00: It’s work time, but I do work in the media industry so I get to ‘watch’ some shows on the background while I prepare reports or presentations. Usually have to watch the same episode twice to understand what’s going on as I zone out and concentrate in work. I keep up with affiliate and market news with my work newsletter: articles and videos mostly. Some are pretty interesting and I share them with friends.

13.00: Lunch. Let’s just say food wins over media content here. Food is da real MVP, sorry guys. If it is Tuesday, I get the weekly copy of Time Out. I want to do things in town and this is my bible. I also talk to colleagues, when I’m not stuffing my mouth. They are pretty awesome and we always end up having a pretty deep discussion about something, that we complement with that blog or this website that covers the topic. Or a book that we are reading, or a funny video we saw last night.

14-17.00: I check Facebook every now and then. I follow a bunch of different publications on the platform so I get the rest of the news for the day from just the one place. Easy. Scary. Sometimes I just want to look at geeky memes from the geek strikes back. Let me be.

18.00: catching up with my family, photos, videos, texts, maybe Skype. I miss them and sometimes they miss me (weird, I know).My mum is very keen on cat pictures (so am I) and memes (recent discovery on her side, huge fan). Sometimes she combines them. I love her.

19.00: Dinner. Don’t mess with food. I repeat the same style conversation I had at work but with my boyfriend and flatmates. It’s funny to see how we go from a meme about dogs to a hardcore meaning-of-life book in less than 5 min. Amazing stuff.

19.30: Depends on the plan for the evening but usually watching a movie / series / TV show / Netflix is on the menu. Pick your poison. My poison is usually Futurama / Bob’s Burgers before dinner and then something longer on Netflix. Master of None, brilliant. Please watch it if you made it this far down this post I am sure you are a like-minded being and you’ll like it.

21.00: After a whole day looking at a screen, I might treat myself to some reading. Currently, Lolita by  Vladimir Nabokov, and HP4: The Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling (who, if you haven’t been following her on twitter lately, you should definitely do now and appreciate her awesomeness. Queen.). Very different books, depends on how much hope on the world I have left at the end of the day. 

So, in case it wasn’t clear yet, and because if I learnt something at University was to tell the reader what I’ve told them but in two lines at the end, content is everything. Blog posts, articles, news items, memes, images, videos, a combination of the above. It comes digital, print, word of mouth. And we consume it like we have been starving and we are at an all-you-can-eat buffet.



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