Beer buddies

I already like this post and I haven’t even written it yet.

I am a beer fan. Someone at some point called beer ‘liquid bread’ and I refuse to call it anything else. I should re-name the article.

Recently Daan and I have decided that we want to be proper adults; that obviously means owning our own minibar. We both aren’t really into liquors or heavily distilled drinks, so our minibar is basically different kinds of beer. And orange juice, not to be mixed, but kept in the same place. So we had this idea in mind, and on Saturday a few weeks ago we went on what we cleverly called a ‘beer hunt’. Since then I have had to explain its meaning a few times because it seems to be so much of an inside joke.

Anyway the beer hunt consisted on a calm walk down Fulham to the two only beer shops in the area. I mean, London, city that offers everything that you can imagine, and I have to walk 1h to get to the closest beer shop. Which is in a completely residential area in the middle of nowhere. Please, guys, open one by Shepherd’s Bush. People like me will love you forever. So, we got there and it was like beer paradise! I dutifully recorded the experience:

Oh, dear. It was like I wanted to live there. We went to two of them and you could, in both, have a drink there to recover your strength and be on your way… L.O.V.E.L.Y.

The beers were expensive, who am I trying to kid. Thank the Old Gods and the New that I work and share rent! But they were also unique, unseen by these eyes of mine, and looked freaking tasty. I am so done with drinking lagers, no wonder some people don’t like beer. They drink pee. Try something else! You might still not like it, of course, but at least it won’t leave you feeling like you drank bad water. (Speaking of weird drinks, we did not have the pleasure to drink this one below – I think it was just for show – but did it look sick! A mutant cyborg giant cat as a label should be almost compulsory.)20170218_161247

So it was pretty fun to have a drink and a browse at the shop and to see what beers they had I didn’t know about, and what beers I wanted them to have yet there was no luck for Marina. I found a lack of Scottish beers, must admit I didn’t check for Welsh or Irish but I suspect so as well. There were a few English microbreweries, which are usually quite tasty but nothing out of the ordinary, and mostly, there were imports. Hey, I am not complaining; the Brits are good at brewing (at least now that craft beer is trendy and breweries pop from under rocks), but if you are bringing in the masters – namely the Germans and Belgians in my humble opinion – then it’s all good by me.

We ended up buying around 15 different beers, a mix between IPAs, Double IPAs, Belgium beers, Porters and Stouts (these are mostly for Daan, strong coffee taste isn’t really my thing, but some of the lighter ones are quite nice – try Yeastie Boys if feeling adventurous, won’t disappoint). I’m not even going to say how much they were. Why cloud the day with money matters.


So far we have not tried many… mos tly cause, contrary to most Londoners, we don’t really drink. Occasionally, we overdrink. But I am useless when hangover, so how about not. But the ones we have tried haven’t disappointed: Two Roads was a double IPA, bit too subtle but quite drinkable; Gonzo, an Imperial Porter, surprisingly refreshing and none of that strong coffee taste and texture of some porters, and finally a nice Belgian IPA named… 4501 (?), quite tasty – freaking Belgians, we are light years away from them.

Beer bottles, bottles, beer


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