Defining who I am has always been difficult. I work in marketing and should be able to ‘market’ myself, right? However it seems to me that all I would be doing would be labeling and segmenting me into that or another group. That I can do:

I am a millennial, female, only child, white, immigrant, adoptive Londoner, Spanish, vegetarian, heterosexual, tech savvy, social media user, graduate, environmentally conscious, foodie, beer drinker, Doc Martens user, book lover, media aware, urbanite, rock fan. This is what I am, but this isn’t who I am.

Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh with me on top

I, like everyone out there, have a complex history. There was a Spanish philosopher, Ortega y Gasset, who said ‘yo soy yo y mi circumstancia’ ,ย ย I am I and my circumstance, what is around me. We are not isolated individuals. We are not even an isolated species and I think that to know ‘about’ me and why I do what I do, and think how I think (with all my paradoxes and ironies), you need to understand how I got here.

This however seems like it would be a very long tale. And it also seems like with all the ‘labels’ given above, I am defined in society. But we are not just those segments, we are a beautiful and unique interlock of all aspects of our life. A labelย doesn’t tell you if I am a good person, or interesting, or generous, or how I think. I like thinking of humans as fluid beings, constantly in change, trying to make sense of it by categorising the world. So let’s do it. We are what we do, and what I (want to) do is write a blog.