Beer buddies

I already like this post and I haven’t even written it yet.

I am a beer fan. Someone at some point called beer ‘liquid bread’ and I refuse to call it anything else. I should re-name the article.

Recently Daan and I have decided that we want to be proper adults; that obviously means owning our own minibar. We both aren’t really into liquors or heavily distilled drinks, so our minibar is basically different kinds of beer. And orange juice, not to be mixed, but kept in the same place. So we had this idea in mind, and on Saturday a few weeks ago we went on what we cleverly called a ‘beer hunt’. Since then I have had to explain its meaning a few times because it seems to be so much of an inside joke. Continue reading “Beer buddies”


Veg struggles

My decision to give up meat and fish was’t prompted by a shocking video from a chicken factory in the US or a well researched book, although it could have well been. It was all created in my head, aided by a few headlines and articles I read online, and my biggest concern was the planet. The environmental repercussions of eating meat are so mindbogglingly huge! The amount of money, water, food and space dedicated to animal breeding for food knocks my shocks off every time I read it again. A quick YouTube search:

Continue reading “Veg struggles”