Flatmates from hell and other stories

I’ve been living in shared flats for almost 5 years now (miss you, mum) and I have had all kind of flatmates, from the absolute best (please, move back in with me) to the very very very indeed very bad ones. I refuse to call anyone the worst flatmate because I have heard worse stories than the ones to follow, but, man oh man, I still don’t understand where these people find the energy to be actively a pain in the ass.

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Drowned in data

I like numbers. They always used to make sense, like some kind of Kantian category that was just needed filling with the outside world. Basically, I was a maths nerd.

I was, note the past tense, a maths nerd. Liberal arts education has made my matrix knowledge a thing of the past. I am confident, with the usual optimism of people who believe that past events can help predict future events. If I was smart then, I surely will be smart now. Surely. Of course. I am.

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‘Let’s just walk around…’

I love this words. I love travelling and to me that includes a healthy dose of sightseeing: buildings, museums, bridges, fountains, sculptures, parks,… Some of these places are very romanticised and are not really what you were expecting. Sometimes there is nothing to see other than appreciating what you see. But, wouldn’t you rather to bitch about something you have seen? Continue reading “Sightseeing”

How I watch content: media diary

There are so many articles and research about ‘how Millennials watch content’, so I’m not going to write another one myself. I love to watch content. A lot. I don’t watch so much now that I am living with my boyfriend – I know understand how gamers’ hours go down when they get in a relationship. I have a Netflix account and pay TV. I have never had pay TV before, and quite honestly I can’t see the fuss about having hundreds of channels. It’s not needed at all; there, I said it.

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Why men should be feminists

The topic of the century, isn’t it? Feminism, that awesome word that so much fear causes some people.

I am not going to enter on the debate of the thousand faces of feminism, because I think it is clear that, like with any other movement, there are people who are very angry and people who are more radical and a million ways to twist a simple concept. Feminism just wants equality for everyone, regardless of who you are, how you are, your sexuality, ethnicity or where you live. It’s a simple ‘hey, we are all humans on this planet, let’s have the same starting rights and expectations’. Okay, so I have entered the debate a little bit. But I have tried to hurry past it and you might not have even noticed. Continue reading “Why men should be feminists”