Be Bold


I like this slogan. It makes you want to take action, right?

This is going to be a short post. I just want to join my voice to the millions of women who are making a statement today. I am worthy. I am valuable. I can do it. I deserve to be treated with respect (aka as a f****** human being). I have control over my actions, mind, and body.

So I want to Be Bold for Change. I want to help empower other women who are still being oppressed. I want to tell you: you are stronger than you believe. That you can do whatever you put your heart to it. That no one can judge you by your gender, your sexual orientation or your ethnicity.  Continue reading “Be Bold”


Today I want to talk about selfies

Today I want to talk about selfies

Yes, selfies. I must say I don´t consider myself to be very photogenic (not to say not at all), so let me start by telling you that I might be a bit biased. But I surely cannot be the only person who feels this way. Nope. We are a collective, quite big I imagine, yet hugely unseen because we don’t get photos taken. Continue reading “Today I want to talk about selfies”