Drowned in data

I like numbers. They always used to make sense, like some kind of Kantian category that was just needed filling with the outside world. Basically, I was a maths nerd.

I was, note the past tense, a maths nerd. Liberal arts education has made my matrix knowledge a thing of the past. I am confident, with the usual optimism of people who believe that past events can help predict future events. If I was smart then, I surely will be smart now. Surely. Of course. I am.

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How I watch content: media diary

There are so many articles and research about ‘how Millennials watch content’, so I’m not going to write another one myself. I love to watch content. A lot. I don’t watch so much now that I am living with my boyfriend – I know understand how gamers’ hours go down when they get in a relationship. I have a Netflix account and pay TV. I have never had pay TV before, and quite honestly I can’t see the fuss about having hundreds of channels. It’s not needed at all; there, I said it.

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Today I want to talk about selfies

Today I want to talk about selfies

Yes, selfies. I must say I don´t consider myself to be very photogenic (not to say not at all), so let me start by telling you that I might be a bit biased. But I surely cannot be the only person who feels this way. Nope. We are a collective, quite big I imagine, yet hugely unseen because we don’t get photos taken. Continue reading “Today I want to talk about selfies”